Staycation Bible School 2020

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our community, we were unable to host our regular Vacation Bible School program this year. But instead of “vacationing” at Bible School, we invite you to STAYCATION at Bible School this year!

Staycation Bible School is a simple ministry to your children and family with the same vision and goal as Vacation Bible School – to share the gospel story with our community.

This year’s Staycation Bible School theme is THANKFULNESS and your box will include all supplies necessary to learn and embody a biblical lesson together as a family. The box includes a story-telling set, a craft, a small gift for each child, and various other resources to support the spiritual life of your family during this time. Your Staycation Bible School box is free of charge and will be available for contactless pickup or delivery according to your schedule.

The box and the activities contained are designed to be experienced together as a family. So parents, fear not – we didn’t just sign you up to be a teacher! We think this story-telling set and other related resources will be helpful for you to learn right along with your children. The activities are simple to lead with your family and does not require any external set-up or preparation.

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